Top Sweet Soup desserts


Tapioca Coconut Dessert – Nam Wan Lomit

Nam wan is a popular Lao dessert made with ingredients such as coconut milk, sugar, tapioca pearls, pandan agar agar jelly, beans and cantaloupe. There are many variations of nam wan. You can use canned fruits and canned jellies as well. It is consumed as a cool refreshment topped with shaved ice on hot summer days or can be eaten all year round.

2 Black Rice Dessert With Fruits

Black Rice Dessert With Fruits

This black rice dessert is made with steam glutinous rice served with coconut milk syrup and fresh fruits. It’s refreshing, sweet, gooey, and has a nice aroma.

3 Rubies Dessert – Tub Tim Grob

Rubies Dessert – Tub Tim Grob

This beautiful Thai dessert is fun and easy to make. Water chestnuts and taro are coated in a soft and chewy tapioca served in sweet coconut milk. It combines different textures of gummy outside, crispy inside, and the taro has nice fragrant. If you don’t like coconut milk feel free to use milk, evaporated milk, half and half or condensed milk. You can also make this recipe without taro.

4 SAGO DESSERT With Longan and Corn

SAGO DESSERT With Longan and Corn

A delicious dessert made with sago, corn, and longan in aromatic pandan juice. This sago pudding is so good with creamy coconut sauce and you get lots of texture from longan and corn. It’s usually served warm but it’s good chilled. You can make half of the recipe if you have a small family.

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