Top cooling drinks

1 Exquisite Cocktail

Exquisite Cocktail Recipes

Here’s how to make a mint julep with just a few simple ingredients. It’s super refreshing and a great drink to impress your friends with.

2 Banana Daiquiri Cocktail

Banana Daiquiri Cocktail
Made famous from The Godfather, my banana daiquiri cocktail recipe is the perfect party drink and it’s easy to make at home. Made with rum and orange liqueur, this is a seriously refreshing drink.

3 Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail

Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail

For a seriously refreshing slush drink, my frozen strawberry daiquiri cocktail recipe is easy to make and perfect to enjoy in the summer months.

4 Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

strawberry banana smoothie
My delicious frozen strawberry and banana smoothie recipe is super healthy and great for weight loss as it’s low in calories. It’s easy to make and really fast to prepare. Making perfect for busy people.
Peach tea

This easy iced tea drinks recipe is made with tea bags and fresh peach to make it taste even more refreshing. Enjoy over ice with fresh mint.

6 Sponge Coffee

Korean Dalgona coffee

Sponge coffee is a “hot trend” that makes many people fascinated. Let’s take a look at the recipe for this drink

7 Black Sugar Pearls and Milk Tea

Black Sugar Pearls and Milk Tea

8 Taiwan Fruit Tea

Taiwan Fruit Tea

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