Top 10 famous Chinese specialties that you should not miss

If you are curious about Chinese cuisine, please follow this article to learn more about famous specialties in China.

1. Longevity noodles

Longevity noodles

Talking about Chinese cuisine, it is impossible not to mention longevity noodles, this dish was born 300 years ago in Zhejiang province. As soon as everyone hears the name, they think of it as symbolizing wishes for longevity and long-lasting health.

2. Salted Egg Custard Steamed Buns (Liu Sha Bao)

Salted Egg Custard Steamed Buns

Salted Egg Custard Steamed Buns is a famous specialty in China and is loved by many people because of the soft, spongy bun with a gelatinous filling inside that has the sweet and salty taste of salted eggs and condensed milk,… Flavor cannot be confused anywhere.

3. Century Egg

Century Egg

Century Egg is a wonderful dish and appears in almost every Chinese meal. The eggs are incubated for a long time so they have a very strange shape. The outside of the egg is orange or dark brown and the inside has a yolk. it is green. But thanks to the very distinct salty flavor, it gives a very wonderful feeling.

4 Peking duck.

Peking Duck

Peking duck is a pride of Chinese cuisine with a unique way of cooking. The duck has dark yellow skin and the meat is well-seasoned, which will definitely make you unforgettable when enjoying the taste of the dish. This is it.

5 Dongpo pork

Dongpo pork

The name Dongpo pork is named after the famous poet who first prepared this dish, To Dongpo. The meat is rich in spices, the skin is crispy, and there’s nothing better than eating it with hot white rice.

6. YangZhou Fried Rice

YangZhou Fried Rice

When it comes to Duong Chau fried rice, it is no longer strange to us. But who knows that this dish has a long history of origin since 1754 during the Qing Dynasty, its name is based on the land where the first person to prepare this dish was born, Mr. Y Binh Thu. The rice dish is combined with rustic ingredients such as char siu, sausage, peas… But the flavor it brings makes it hard to forget.

7 Dumplings


Dumplings are also considered the pride of Chinese cuisine, made from ingredients such as flour, shrimp, fish and other vegetables, all creating an extremely irresistible flavor.

8 Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu

Sichuan Kung Pao Chicken is a dish made from chopped chicken, chili and peanuts. The sweetness from the chicken, the spicy taste from the chili and the fatty aroma of the peanuts will make you unable to stop chopping. Although prominent in Sichuan, Kung Pao chicken has now spread to other provinces of China and is prepared to suit diners in each region.

10. Chinese Duck Noodles

Chinese Duck Noodles

Originating from China, steamed duck noodles are a dish that blends duck meat with herbs: cinnamon flowers, star anise, cloves,… creating a unique flavor that attracts diners the first time they enjoy it. awake. Stewed duck noodles also have high nutritional value and are good for health. How to cook duck noodle soup is simple, just need a few familiar ingredients and you can conquer this dish!


Above are some famous specialties of Chinese cuisine that I have compiled. Hopefully the above article can help you better understand Chinese cuisine. If you come here, remember to try these dishes.

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