How to make delicious, easy-to-make wontons

How to make delicious, easy-to-make wontons
Wonton Noodles is a Chinese dish, also known as Wonton Noodles, a Chinese dish but very familiar in the South. Wonton Noodles is a combination of soft and chewy Noodles and thin, soft Wonton Shells packed with Shrimp and Meat inside. Some Chinese shops also pack fried Fish with Shrimp and Meat filling. Bone broth is cooked for a long time to release its sweetness and flavor.
Cuisine: Asian Dishes
  • - 500gr pork bones / pork ribs
  • - 400gr white radish
  • - 200g onion
  • - 500g lean meat with fat
  • - 300g shrimps
  • - 50g shallots
  • - Wonton
  • - Chives, onions, (if you like, add coriander)
  • - Fried shallots garlic oil
  • - Seasoning: seasoning powder, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, sugar, sesame oil


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