Recipe for making handmade confectionery Healthy

1 Candied Pecans

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Learn to Toast nuts for any recipe easily and fast without burning them. Toasting nuts brings out their flavor, giving them a richer and deeper taste. You can add toasted nuts to salads, baked goods or other dishes adds a nuttier and deeper flavor than raw ones.

2 Almond boat cake

Boat cake mixed with seeds

The crust is very light and spongy, the filling includes a buttermilk-scented caramel sauce, sweet and greasy, accompanied by crunchy and nutty nuts.

3 Strawberry Green Tea Nougat

Strawberry green tea nougat

Green tea goes super well with strawberries, but the candy only has a thin layer of nougat, the candy has a bitter and bitter tea flavor, is filled with sour strawberries, and has a layer of fragrant coconut chips on the outside. It’s not sweet or greasy at all.

4 Lokum candy

Lokum Recipe (Turkish Delight)

Lokum is a wonderfully sweet holiday candy that’s slightly chewy, like gumdrops. Make this classic Turkish delight recipe easily at home!

5 Hamantaschen Cookies

Hamantaschen Recipe

This hamantaschen recipe makes a delicate, citrus-flavored cookie that can be filled with your favorite jams or spreads for a festive sweet.

6 orange-flavored marshmallows

orange flavored gummy bears

Each piece of fragrant orange candy has a natural sweet and sour taste. The candy is not only delicious but also very good for your health

7 Turkish Delight candy

Turkish Delight candy

Original Lokum has a delicate fragrance, a lovely pale pink color made from roses, lemon and mint. Roses bring a bright pink color and seductive scent, lemons bring a slight sourness that balances the sweetness of honey, and mint leaves give the candy a pleasant spiciness.

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