10 Useful kitchen tips that not everyone knows

1. Wipe off cooking oil splashes on the kitchen surface

Vinegar: White vinegar is always the top choice for removing stains. Not only stains caused by grease, clothing stains, alcohol stains, etc. are also quickly eliminated thanks to this product. With grease, if the stain is new and light, you just need to dilute vinegar with water, but with stains that have accumulated for a long time, use pure vinegar.
How to do: Put vinegar in a spray bottle, shake well, then spray directly onto greasy areas. Leave for a few minutes (4-5 minutes), then wipe with a towel soaked in hot water. If there is no towel, housewives can replace it with hard-bristled brushes that do not scratch the surface of the wall.

Lemon, cooking oil or dishwashing liquid: If you don’t have white vinegar, you can use 1 of the 3 ingredients above. The method is extremely easy, apply it directly to the stain, wait a bit, then wipe clean with a cloth and you’re done.

2. Tips for peeling garlic super quickly and neatly

Try placing garlic cloves in a bowl of warm water for 10 seconds before peeling them and gently smashing them with a knife. At this point, the warm water will make the garlic skins easily slide off and you just need to pick them up and you’re done.

3. Tips for frying fish deliciously without oil splashing

How to do: First, wipe off the water on the fish with tissue paper, heat the pan and add oil to fry the fish. When the oil is boiling, don’t put the fish in right away, sprinkle a little salt on the oil pan and rub a slice of lemon on the bottom of the pan. At this time, put the fish in and fry, turning both sides evenly to have attractive, golden fried fish.

4. Tips for plucking duck feathers cleanly without any fluff remaining

Extremely useful tips for women who have to fight with a live duck. After cutting the blood, immediately dip the duck into a pot of cold water, rub vinegar or white wine on the duck’s body before placing it in a pot of warm water. Take the duck out, rub your hand close to the skin and follow the direction of the feather growth, at this time 90% of the feathers will be picked off and only a little down and down will remain. Put the nearly clean duck back into the pot of warm water (if the water is almost cold, boil it a bit) and pluck the feathers.

5. Warm food in the microwave

One tip to make food heat evenly and deliciously is to not put food in the center of the microwave. Women often spread the food evenly around the plate, put a small cup of water in the middle and then rotate. The dish will be reheated evenly, not dry and retain its original flavor. In addition, you can still put a whole plate of food and a small cup of water in the oven, but roast at a lower temperature.

6. Crispy the fries after they become damp

Damp French fries won’t be crispy and won’t taste good, but don’t throw them away. You can take a sheet of paper, place the potatoes on top and put them back in the microwave or air fryer. Set the temperature to moderate and rotate for about 5-7 minutes, the delicious batch of crispy fried potatoes will be “revived” as before.

7. Remove the smell of onions and garlic from your hands

The smell of onions and garlic on your hands after cooking is something that every woman is afraid of, especially those who cannot eat these two foods. After preparing the dish, you just need to take a little salt or lemon, rub it thoroughly on your hands for about 2-4 minutes and then rinse with water.

In addition, if you have coffee grounds, you can use them to quickly deodorize and make your hands softer and whiter. According to my advice, you should remove it as soon as you finish cooking so that the scent does not stick to the remaining dishes.

8. Defrost meat quickly

You can use a little vinegar on the meat, wait a few minutes and it will defrost immediately. Vinegar is an ingredient that reduces the freezing temperature, helping ice on meat melt faster.

9. Store fresh fruit longer

In addition to keeping bananas away from other fruits, to keep the fruit fresh for the longest time, before wrapping the bag and putting it in the refrigerator, you should wrap the fruit with a layer of wet paper.

10. Roasted rice is firm and does not stick together

If you have cold rice from the day before, put it in the refrigerator overnight before roasting the rice, the rice grains will be loose, firm and more delicious to eat. Additionally, if you have just cooked rice and want to roast it, add 5g of cooking oil and mix well then roast as usual.

Rest assured that this method will help the roasted rice grains become firm, delicious and have a nutty taste, ensuring the whole family will love it. Above are the kitchen tips that mothers need most when working in the kitchen, not just housewives.

The above tips not only make it easier for you to work in the kitchen, but also help you save as much time and effort as possible.

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